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Republican Election Judges in the 44th Ward

posted Aug 16, 2012, 8:03 PM by Scott Davis   [ updated Feb 13, 2013, 5:45 PM ]
Are you interested in becoming a Republican election judge in November? As Republican Committeeman for the 44th Ward it is my responsibility to ensure that Republican Election Judges are staffed at every precinct in the Ward on election day in order to ensure voter integrity.  RIGHT NOW, the Chicago Board of Elections is taking applications for election judges to serve during the next TWO cycles: November 2012 – March 2014.

If you are interested in serving as a Republican Election Judge, Please fill out this form and contact Committeeman Scott Davis ASAP for instructions on filing your application! A description of the job, requirements for becoming a judge, pay information ($170 for the day) and training details are available at  the Chicago Board of Elections Website:

What are Judges of Election?

Judges of election are the officials who are responsible for the conduct of the election in the precinct polling place. The judges of election are the backbone of the electoral process.  Their jobs are challenging, interesting and personally rewarding.

In each precinct, the judges share in responsibilities, duties and authorities that include:

  1. Opening the polling place and setting up voting equipment at 5 a.m. on Election Day;
  2. Conducting a fair, impartial and secure election in the precinct polling place, allowing voting from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. 
  3. Tabulating the vote totals for the precinct and transmitting the results to Election Central after the polls close at 7 p.m.

Find out more information at The Chicago Board of Elections Website. OR contact Committeeman Davis at 773-857-1424.