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National Motorists Association President Endorses Davis' Call for Repeal

In an important update to Monday's News  of a call for Repeal of Chicago's Speed Camera law by Republican Committeeman Scott Davis, National Motorists Association President Gary Biller endorsed Committeeman Davis' call to action in a personal e-mail (re-printed here with permission).

Committeeman Davis,

I wish more politicians had the courage to speak out as you have against what are clearly revenue-generating efforts but are presented falsely as safety programs.  Thank you for taking a public stance against photo enforcement.  The National Motorists Association, with plenty of Illinois and Chicagoland members, has been leading the national fight against ticket cameras for over a decade.  If there is anything we can do to help your cause, please let me know. 

We have set up pages on our website chockfull of information to educate the public as to the true motivation behind the cameras (red-light cameras, speed cameras) and to present better (and proven) solutions if safety is really the goal.  Actually, based on the articles about your call to repeal the speed camera ordinance, it appears that the Chicago public gets it, with 54% siding against the cameras and 69% saying that the cameras are about money, not safety.  Perhaps the info on the NMA site can best be used to educate the politicians who are in favor of saddling their constituents with excessive and unnecessary fines.

Keep up the good fight!

Gary Biller


National Motorists Association