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Statement on the Illinois 9th District Republican Primary Race

posted Jan 26, 2014, 6:20 PM by Scott Davis   [ updated Jan 27, 2014, 6:17 PM ]

Statement on the Illinois 9th District Republican Primary Race


The recent views expressed by a Republican candidate for Congress in the Illinois 9th District regarding God, homosexuals and gay marriage do not reflect those of the 44th Ward Republicans, our Committeeman or the Republican Party.

The 44th Ward is home to Chicago's gay community and it is the position of the 44th Ward Republicans that in a free society, our rights derive from our nature as human beings and can neither be granted nor taken away by government.   For several years, gay rights activists have asserted the right to marry partners of the same sex, yet the regulation of marriage by the state government prevented them from doing so. Through activism, a gradual shift in public sentiment and an evolving political landscape, the Illinois legislature passed a gay marriage bill in 2013. Gay marriage is now the law in Illinois and out of respect for the principle that all people are created equal, the 44th Ward Republicans acknowledge that homosexuals who desire to be married now have equal protection under the law to do so.

Though we understand a candidates’ right to express her opinions under the first amendment of the constitution, we also recognize that this same amendment bars congress from establishing a religion. We regard any candidacy to represent the 9th District in Congress based on the principle that diseases and weather events are a result God’s judgment of individual social behavior to be misguided, ironic and well outside the views of mainstream voters.  Legislating morality from a purely religious point of view is antithetical to the traditional conservative values of individual liberty, equal protection under the law and respect for the constitution.  It is time for candidates representing the Republican Party to run on protecting the rights and liberties of all Americans and reject any platform of taking rights away.

Rather than demanding candidates resign, Republicans in the 9th District and throughout Illinois should regard the recent developments in this race as a sign that a new direction in the party is needed.  It is time to imbue the Republican Party with values that will appeal to independents and enable Republicans to win in 2014. A platform based on the “freedom message” of standing up for individual liberty, free markets, respect for the Constitution, the rule of law, sound money, and a strong military defense coupled with a non-interventionist foreign policy is a vision for the future that reflects the greatness of America's past.

In Liberty,
Committeeman Scott Davis