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44th Ward Republican Presidential Primary Debate Watch Party!
Thursday, August 6th, 7:30 - 10:00 pm
The Stretch Bar/Grill in Wrigleyville
3485 N. Clark St.
Chicago, IL 60657


Committeeman Scott Davis and the 44th Ward GOP invite you to our 44th Ward Republican "Debate Watch Party"

for the first 2016 Republican Presidential Primary Debate Thursday, August 6th

at The Stretch Bar and Grill in Chicago's Wrigleyville neighborhood.

$25 per person. Price includes domestic drafts, mixed well drinks and house wine.

The debate airs from 8-10 CST on Fox News.

Funds raised go to support the 44th Ward GOP.

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Republican Primary Debate Details:

August 6, 2015, 9pm ET (8 CST)
Airs On: Fox News Channel
Location: Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland, OH
Sponsors: Fox News, facebook
Moderators: Bret Baier, Megyn Kelly and Chris Wallace
Rules: Top 10 candidates in an average of 5 national polls
Read more at http://www.2016presidentialdebateschedule.com/2016-debate-schedule/2016-republican-primary-debate-schedule/#8hHIvuZtj4XHEOj3.99

44th Ward Republicans 2013 Governor Candidate Series a Huge Success!
The 2013 Illinois Republican Governor Candidate Series at the Monthly Breakfast Meetings of the 44th Ward Republicans was a great success.  Every 2nd Saturday of the month for the final 4 months of 2013 featured one of our four excellent Republican candidates for Illinois Governor and turnout was great!

2013 Republican Governor Candidate Series Monthly Schedule:
  • September 14th - State Senator Kirk Dillard
Senator Kirk Dillard with 44th Ward Committeeman Scott Davis

  • October 12th - State Treasurer Dan Rutherford  
Treasurer Dan Rutherford

  • November 9th - Candidate Bruce Rauner  
Bruce Rauner spoke at our November meeting

  • December 14th - State Senator Bill Brady
Bill Brady spoke to a packed house on a snowy December morning.

On the "Second Saturday" of each month, the 44th Ward Republicans meet at the Chicago GOP Victory Center at 2768 N. Lincoln Ave. to discuss the latest in federal, state and local politics.  Sign Up on our e-mail list to keep informed of our events and please come out and join us. 

8:30 am - Coffee and Doughnuts

9:00 am - Presentation

All are Welcome.

Great turnout Saturday June 8th to hear WLS radio host Dan Proft at the regular monthly meeting of the 43rd and 44th Ward Republicans at the Chicago Victory Center.

We had a great turnout on June 8th to hear WLS radio host Dan Proft speak at the
regular monthly meeting of the 43rd and 44th Ward Republicans.

The Chicago Republican Party needs candidates. Are you in?

The Chicago GOP is actively seeking individuals throughout the city and near suburbs to run for the state legislature. We want strong, professional, persuasive Republicans to take the lead in their community and run for office.

If you get through our vetting process you will receive training and support. We'll help you get on the ballot and help you win in November.

It's not easy for a Republican to win in Chicago. But it's possible.  And we'll be there with you every step of the way.

Why run?

  • Because voters need a choice.
  • Because you will become well-known in your community.
  • Because you will join a group of friends who think like you.
  • Because *you might win*.

 Interested? Send an email to candidates@chicagogop.com with the following information:

  1. Your name.
  2. Your address and phone number.
  3. A brief statement on why you believe you would be a good candidate.

After we receive it, we’ll send a request for a little more information. You’ll be on your way!


Committeeman Scott Davis, Chicago Republican Party

Monday, May 20th, 2013

Alderman Tunney Needs 6 More Months to Approve Deal to Renovate Wrigley
Republican Calls on Alderman to step aside and let Mayor Emanuel Fast-Track the Project to Create Jobs.
CHICAGO, ILLINOIS – Republican Ward Committeeman Scott Davis of Chicago’s Lakeview neighborhood is calling on Alderman Tom Tunney to step aside and let Mayor Rahm Emanuel take control of Wrigley Field Redevelopment negotiations with the Chicago Cubs.

“Alderman Tunney claims he needs four to six more months of comments from the community to make a decision on approving this deal.  We don’t have time for this. The Cubs have other options and Alderman Tunney’s micro managing of this negotiation is providing zero value,” Davis said.

At a recent meeting of the West Lakeview Citizens Council, Alderman Tom Tunney gave a rambling 20 minute speech to the group about the Cubs Planned Development proposal.  During his speech, Tunney mentioned the process could take four to six more months for him to hear from residents about traffic, signage and the proposed Jumbotron. (Video)

“Tom Tunney needs to get out of the way and let Mayor Emanuel take control of this situation,” Davis said.  “The Wrigley Redevelopment negotiation demands leadership and decisiveness, two things Alderman Tunney doesn’t bring to the table.  The Mayor needs to fast-track the planning and permitting process to get this deal done in 60 days or risk delaying hundreds of construction jobs this project will create in October, as soon as the season ends,” David said. “With unemployment at 9.3 percent in the Chicago area, the city needs jobs NOW!” (Bureau of Labor Statistics)

Despite months of negotiations with the Cubs, Alderman Tunney and the City have failed to reach a deal to move forward with the privately funded renovation. The value of the Wrigley redevelopment is estimated to be $500 million dollars, and the Cubs claim the project will create as many as 800 construction jobs.

“It’s time for Mayor Emanuel to take control of this situation, cut the red tape and bring some jobs back to this town,” Davis said.

Scott Davis is the Republican Ward Committeeman in Chicago’s 44th Ward.


Committeeman Scott Davis, Chicago Republican Party
Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Alderman Tunney Continues to Disappoint: Fails to Reach a Deal to Renovate Wrigley Field
Republican Questions Tunney’s Priorities; Calls on Alderman to approve Cubs plan or step aside.
CHICAGO, ILLINOIS – Republican Ward Committeeman Scott Davis of Chicago’s Lakeview neighborhood is questioning the judgment of Alderman Tom Tunney, who missed the Cubs deadline to reach an agreement on Wrigley Field Renovations Monday, putting hundreds of millions of dollars in privately funded renovation and re-development investments at risk.

“What is he thinking?” Davis asked.  “The Chicago Cubs have a business plan that is critical to the success of the team, to the future of Wrigley Field and to hundreds of millions of dollars in Lakeview redevelopment,” Davis said.  “Alderman Tunney needs to take securing the future of Wrigleyville more seriously than he has so far. By opposing the Cubs plan and allowing the deadline to pass, the Cubs may now begin to look elsewhere.”

Rosemont Mayor Bradley Stevens recently announced an offer of a free 25 acre spot in Rosemont for the Cubs to construct a new stadium on, should the Wrigley Field redevelopment deal with City Hall fall through.

“This failure to get a deal done with the Cubs really makes you wonder where his priorities are”, said Davis.  “Alderman Tunney has spent the last three months developing play-lots, arranging rent-a-bike kiosks around Lakeview and bullying local business owners to back off cannibalistic assistant state’s attorneys.  Anything but make sure the most iconic sports entertainment venue in Chicago is secured for the future,” Davis said.

Committeeman Davis was referring to a December story by Fox 32 News where the Alderman left a voice mail for a local business owner that appeared to pressure the owner to back off Sarah Naughton, an Assistant Cook County state’s attorney who allegedly bit the a store manager on the leg during a drunken altercation last summer. Naughton’s case goes to trial this week.

“The Alderman needs to get his priorities straight and get this deal done or consider stepping down,” Davis said.  “Keeping the Cubs at Wrigley field demands Alderman Tunney’s full attention and Lakeview residents should question his judgment now that the deadline has passed.  Securing the Cubs future at Wrigley is too important for the community, the City and for Cubs fans everywhere to put at risk."

Despite months of negotiations with the Cubs, Alderman Tunney and the City have failed to reach a deal to move forward with the privately funded renovation plans.  Local media has reported that Alderman Tunney has been holding out for a better deal for area rooftop business owners who believe their view of the field will be obstructed by the Cubs proposed changes to Wrigley.

"Alderman Tunney and the City should get out of the way and let the Cubs run with their plan to add scoreboards and advertising as they see fit.  Rooftop owners can adjust their businesses to fit the Wrigleyville marketplace, not the other way around,” Davis said.

Scott Davis is the Republican Ward Committeeman in Chicago’s 44th Ward.

National Motorists Association President Endorses Committeeman Davis' Call for Repeal

In an important update to Monday's News  of a call for Repeal of Chicago's Speed Camera law by Republican Committeeman Scott Davis, National Motorists Association President Gary Biller endorsed Committeeman Davis' call to action in a personal e-mail (re-printed here with permission).

Committeeman Davis,

I wish more politicians had the courage to speak out as you have against what are clearly revenue-generating efforts but are presented falsely as safety programs.  Thank you for taking a public stance against photo enforcement.  The National Motorists Association, with plenty of Illinois and Chicagoland members, has been leading the national fight against ticket cameras for over a decade.  If there is anything we can do to help your cause, please let me know. 

We have set up pages on our website chockfull of information to educate the public as to the true motivation behind the cameras (red-light cameras, speed cameras) and to present better (and proven) solutions if safety is really the goal.  Actually, based on the articles about your call to repeal the speed camera ordinance, it appears that the Chicago public gets it, with 54% siding against the cameras and 69% saying that the cameras are about money, not safety.  Perhaps the info on the NMA site can best be used to educate the politicians who are in favor of saddling their constituents with excessive and unnecessary fines.

Keep up the good fight!

Gary Biller


National Motorists Association


  Republican Calls for Repeal of Chicago Speed Camera Ordinance

Chicago Cams all about Contracts, Corruption and Corporatism… NOT SAFETY!

*** NEWS RELEASE*** Republican Calls for Repeal of Chicago Speed Camera Ordinance by

Rahm Emanuel CUTS Taxpayer Funded Police Services!!!
The Wall Street Journal and other local media outlets are reporting that under Mayor Rahm Emanuel's watch, the Chicago Police Department is cutting In Person Police Responses to reports of burglaries and other non-violent crimes. The policy change begs the question: How can Police prevent violent crime by cutting their response to other crimes? From CBS 2 News...

They’ll no longer come right away to reports of things like criminal damage to property, vehicle thefts, garage burglaries, or other crimes in which the suspect is no longer on the scene, and the victim isn’t in immediate danger.
From the WSJ...

"Michael Shields, president of the Chicago Fraternal Order of Police, said the shift in policy was minor and questioned the department's estimate of the impact. "I don't see where they're coming up with those figures," said Mr. Shields, who is fighting with the city over police staffing. "This is another example of trying to distract the public…when there really is no change."

Tom Tunney Voicemail to Local Business Owner, asking him to back off Naughty Naughton shows up on Youtube

Tom Tunney leaves a ridiculous voice-mail bullying a small business owner in the 44th Ward to back off Assistant Cook County States Attorney, "Naughty" Sarah Naughton, who allegedly bit a store manager on the leg during a drunken altercation this past summer.

Texas Senator Ted Cruz strikes back against Mayor Emanuel's bullying

In an open letter to four CEO's, Texas Senator Ted Cruz today blasted Mayor Rahm Emanuel's government bullying of two financial institutions; Bank of America and TD Bank.  Emanuel recently threatened to stop city business with these two institutions in his own letter last week.

"In Texas, we have a more modest view of government. We do not accept the notion that government should behave as bullies, trying to harass or pressure private companies into enlisting in a political lobbying campaign."

Read the full text of Cruz's letter here:

Call Senator John Cullerton (D), State Rep Sarah Feigenholtz (D), and State Rep Ann Williams (D) and ask them how they intend to deal with state pension problems and continue to fund state services with mounting debt and debt service costs.

Senator John Cullerton (D) (District 6) - 773-883-0770
State Rep  Ann Williams (D) (District 11) -  773 880-9082
State Rep Sarah Feigenholtz (D) (District 12) - 773-296-4141

Why is 44th Ward Alderman and Democratic Ward Boss Tom Tunney so interested in protecting Naughty Naughton?

Why is 44th Ward Alderman and Democrat Ward Boss Tom Tunney Bullying local Business Owners over a bizarre incident involving an
Assistant Cook County States attorney who bit a store manager on the leg?

Call him at 773-525-6034 and ask him.